Although meeting local building codes when built, interior renovations occur many times during the life span of an average home and may not be monitored by professionals. Quality renovations can add to the aesthetic and comfort level of the home. However, care must be taken as amateur workmanship can cause problems

A visual inspection will evaluate the existing condition and serviceability of the following points:

FLOORS: damage or opened seams, unevenness, water damage, squeaks WALLS: significant cracking, stains, water damage

CEILINGS: significant cracking, water damage, stains

WINDOWS: cracked or broken, leaking or out of square, inoperative, water damage at sills, damaged seal, missing or damaged locks

DOORS: damage, rubbing, inoperative, not undercut, damaged hardware

HEAT SOURCE: damage, obstructions, not visible

STAIRS: Improper rise or run, loose steps and or improper width, no railing, insufficient headroom

GENERAL: Any obvious immediate condition that may appear to impede efficiency, cause premature failure, or pose a health or safety risk.

NOTE: If any point of a regular inspection is concealed, or not accessible to the inspector it will not be included in the inspection.