The exterior finishing (driveways, retaining walls) and landscape can not only enhance the general appearance of the home, but can contribute in a positive way by reducing wind buffeting and sun exposure

A visual inspection will evaluate the existing condition and serviceability of the following points:

DRIVEWAY: type of surface (concrete, asphalt, gravel etc.), any major or typical cracking, possible trip hazards, erosion of surface, improper drainage

SIDEWALKS: type of material used (concrete, asphalt gravel, brick etc.), any major or typical cracking, possible trip hazards, poor drainage, erosion of surface, poor clearances to the bottom of siding

LANDSCAPE: vegetation against building, trees planted close to structure, not maintained, general damage to any fencing

RETAINING WALLS: type of material used (concrete, concrete block, stone, timber etc.), any major or typical cracking, previous moisture stains, lack of handrails, out of plumb, visibility of weep holes, displacement that may affect the building structure

GRADING: determination of slope, soil sloping toward house, potential poor drainage areas

PATIOS: type of material used (concrete brick, paver tiles, asphalt etc.), any major or typical cracking, poor drainage, surface settling or raising, possible trip hazards, exposed wiring,GFCI outlet advisory, receptacle weatherproofing

DECK / PORCHES: type of material used (wood, concrete, waterproofed coating etc.), cracked or peeling membranes, decay, moisture damage, post deterioration, post footings displaced or missing, unsound appearance or unsafe, GFCI outlet advised, poor or no joist hangers, ponding, receptacles not weatherproofed, poor sealing at house/wall, condition of handrails

GENERAL: Any obvious immediate condition that may appear to impede efficiency, cause premature failure, or pose a health or safety risk.

NOTE: If any point of a regular inspection is concealed, or not accessible to the inspector it will not be included in the inspection.