Properly maintained, the exterior components of a home provide protection from the elements, help to repel water, and provide security. Good exteriors are attractive, durable, and require little maintenance. Often overlooked however, exteriors should be maintained to keep a high level of interior comfort and resistance to air or water penetration

A visual inspection will evaluate the existing condition and serviceability of the following points:


  • VINYL / ALUMINUM: looseness, cracks, missing pieces, fading, paint peeling / bubbling, dirt / mildew, earth to siding contact, warping, denting, buckling
  • BRICK / STUCCO: all major or typical cracking, bulging, looseness, missing pieces, settling, buckling, paint peeling / bubbling, earth to stucco contact, weep holes missing, dirt
  • WOOD / SHINGLE / PLYWOOD: checking / cracks, warping, delamination, looseness, broken, missing pieces, decay, buckling, paint peeling/bubbling, dirty, earth to wood contact

SOFFITS / FASCIAS / EAVES: type (wood, metal, vinyl etc.), looseness, moisture stains, missing pieces, sagging, paint peeling, deteriorated vent covers

GUTTERS / DOWN PIPES: type (wood, metal, vinyl, membrane or hidden etc.), no down pipe screens, ponding, debris, damage or loose, leaking, incomplete, poor discharging to ground

DOORS: type (wood, metal, vinyl, glass etc.), decay, damage, binding, warping, poor latching, flashing damage or missing, poor seals/weather-stripping, out of square

TRIM: type (wood, metal, vinyl, etc.), decay, damage, looseness, paint peeling, deterioration/no caulking, flashing damaged or missing

WINDOWS: type (double pane, single pane, metal, vinyl, wood etc.), decay, damage, deteriorated paint, flashing damaged or missing, sagging, deteriorated caulk or putty

EXTERIOR STAIRS: Improper rise & run, steps loose or not level, condition of handrails, settling, decay

GENERAL: Any obvious immediate condition that may appear to impede efficiency, cause premature failure, or pose a health or safety risk.

NOTE: If any point of a regular inspection is concealed, or not accessible to the inspector it will not be included in the inspection.