Many people like snuggling up to a cozy fire on a winter day. However, proper use of fire/spark screens and regular flue cleaning is important for a family's safety.  Also, leaving a window slightly ajar when using the fireplace will usually provide better drafting.

A visual inspection will evaluate the existing condition and serviceability of the following points:


  • Placement: front, side etc.

  • Type: brick, concrete block, stone, metal, direct vent etc.

  • Observations: deteriorated mortar, cracking, settling, separation, loose bricks, efflorescence, damaged cap, wall seals, unlined flue, corrosion, no rain caps, damaged shoulder.


  • Placement: living room, basement, family room etc.

  • Type: wood, gas etc.

  • Firebox: type (metal, brick etc.), cracks/damage, pilot light on/off, moisture stains/efflorescence

  • Damper: non-operative/warped, missing handle nail, soot buildup, rusting

  • Hearth: cracked/chipped, settling, missing pieces, poor clearance

  • Facing: settling, cracks, heavy charring, incomplete, no make-up air 

GENERAL: Any obvious immediate condition that may appear to impede efficiency,  cause premature failure, or pose a health or safety risk.

NOTE: If any point of a regular inspection is concealed, or not accessible to the inspector it will not be included in the inspection.